Mid-Day Evocation

Today is hot and sunny and the moon is still waxing gibbous. I’m feeling content, healthy and relaxed.

I started in the evocation with lighting incense before my icons. I then did my yoga routine during which I felt a small improvement in my flexibility and an even smaller improvement in my balance. This led into my meditation, which felt calming today until I heard the roommates talking in the next room. This was initially distracting since I wanted to go and join them in their conversation, but I was able to soon tune them out and turn inward again. Time seemed to flow rather quickly with both the yoga and the meditation. Finally I ended the evocation by using my prayer beads and praying the prayer I have written for them. I want to eventually memorize the prayer so that it becomes more contemplative in the moment of using the beads, but I need to settle on the wording the prayer first, which feels almost complete.


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