Morning Evocation

It’s warm and sunny and the moon is still waxing gibbous. I’m feeling impatient today and I don’t know exactly why. My body is a little sore still from doing yoga a few days ago.

I started the evocation by lighting incense before icons, which then led into doing yoga. My balance was terrible this morning. I’ve read in books and have heard my teachers say that a large part of achieving and maintaining balance in yoga is due to quieting the mind and being aware of one’s breath. Today showed me I still have a long way to go with this. Following the yoga, I sat in meditation. I felt like I was able to still myself fairly quickly today because of doing yoga first, however as time went on I noticed I was hungry which started to distract me and feed into my feeling impatient. By the end of the meditation, I was fidgety and had lost focus. Next time I ought to eat a better breakfast beforehand so that this isn’t a regular distraction. Finally, after meditation I finished by praying aloud while using prayer beads. The prayer I prayed is something I’ve written that incorporates the Jesus Prayer, the Shema, the “Great Commandment,” the Beatitudes, the Gloria Patri, the Lord’s Prayer and the benediction from the book of Jude. I’m still in the process of wording it to my liking and praying it aloud with the beads helps greatly in this effort.


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