Group Night Evocation notes

P1. Relaxing. Observing. Not being bothered. No judgment.

P2. Just let my mind wander maybe because I’m tired. Relaxing though. Hard to get centered because of fatigue?

P3. Scattered. Brief moments of stillness.


Afternoon Evocation

It’s hot and sunny and the moon is still waxing. I’m feeling relaxed and healthy.

I ate almost immediately before meditating today and having a full stomach for meditation was distracting at first. However, I was able to soon turn inward while focusing on my breath. Time went by quickly but part of the reason for that was getting lost in my thoughts about the festivities for tonight. But as usual, when I became aware of being lost in my thoughts, I returned to focusing on my breath. A side note: I’ve noticed that many times when I find that I’m lost in thought, I also notice that my eyebrows are raised or furrowed in some way so besides refocusing on my breath, I’m also relaxing and softening my face.

Mid-Day Evocation

It’s warm and sunny today. Moon is still waxing. I have a mixture of emotions today: excited and happy for one reason and saddened and disappointed for another. Physically I’m feeling well.

Time went by quickly during today’s meditation mostly because I was distracted by thoughts of many things. I kept trying to refocus on my breathing, but quickly I would return to thoughts of future possibilities and past relationships.

Mid-Day Evocation

Today is hot and sunny and the moon is still waxing gibbous. I’m feeling content, healthy and relaxed.

I started in the evocation with lighting incense before my icons. I then did my yoga routine during which I felt a small improvement in my flexibility and an even smaller improvement in my balance. This led into my meditation, which felt calming today until I heard the roommates talking in the next room. This was initially distracting since I wanted to go and join them in their conversation, but I was able to soon tune them out and turn inward again. Time seemed to flow rather quickly with both the yoga and the meditation. Finally I ended the evocation by using my prayer beads and praying the prayer I have written for them. I want to eventually memorize the prayer so that it becomes more contemplative in the moment of using the beads, but I need to settle on the wording the prayer first, which feels almost complete.

Afternoon Evocation

Today is hot and sunny and the moon is still waxing gibbous. I’m feeling healthy, rested and calm.

Doing meditation today I felt like time went by rather quickly. I found myself closing my eyes while my mind wandered and when I became aware of it, I also realized I felt like I was leaning forward. So in those moments of becoming self-aware of my mind wandering, I would redirect my focus back to my breathing and correct my posture. It also felt somewhat hot initially, so that I noticed myself sweating slightly on top of my head and I felt a few itches on my left leg, but once I became more focused within and time went on, these distractions were quickly forgotten.

Morning Evocation

It’s warm and sunny and the moon is still waxing gibbous. I’m feeling impatient today and I don’t know exactly why. My body is a little sore still from doing yoga a few days ago.

I started the evocation by lighting incense before icons, which then led into doing yoga. My balance was terrible this morning. I’ve read in books and have heard my teachers say that a large part of achieving and maintaining balance in yoga is due to quieting the mind and being aware of one’s breath. Today showed me I still have a long way to go with this. Following the yoga, I sat in meditation. I felt like I was able to still myself fairly quickly today because of doing yoga first, however as time went on I noticed I was hungry which started to distract me and feed into my feeling impatient. By the end of the meditation, I was fidgety and had lost focus. Next time I ought to eat a better breakfast beforehand so that this isn’t a regular distraction. Finally, after meditation I finished by praying aloud while using prayer beads. The prayer I prayed is something I’ve written that incorporates the Jesus Prayer, the Shema, the “Great Commandment,” the Beatitudes, the Gloria Patri, the Lord’s Prayer and the benediction from the book of Jude. I’m still in the process of wording it to my liking and praying it aloud with the beads helps greatly in this effort.

Morning Evocation

It’s warm and sunny. The moon is waxing gibbous. I’m feeling calm and mellow and my legs and feet are tired and sore from both yoga and work over the weekend.

I was fidgety while meditating today. It was hard to sit still and be comfortable. My thoughts kept wandering to recent memories of the past and I was distracted and annoyed when I noticed a floor mat being askew in my line of vision.

Morning Evocation

It’s cloudy and cool today. The moon is in the waxing crescent stage. I’m feeling healthy and mellow.

I ate breakfast and cleaned myself up immediately before meditating today and it felt like I was more than adequately prepared and ready to sit still. My mind wandered to thinking of new and interesting ideas for spiritual practices/exercises while I sat today, which was fun to think about, but distracting from my trying to be actually present in the moment. Time went by quickly. After finishing, I knelt and offered a short prayer for protection, wisdom and guidance.

Introduction, Purpose & Scope

My name is Rev. Liam McCann. I’m a pastor, preacher and spiritual consultant. Put more simply I’m just a guy who’s been trying to learn how to be a better guy and hopefully I can also help others be better people along the way too. This blog is one way for me to possibly be able to contribute to this work.

More specifically, this blog will merely be a public record of my spiritual rituals and my reflections concerning them. In other words, I will be describing my various prayer and meditation habits and their perceived results. Perhaps others will find aspects of my spiritual journey relatable and thus helpful also to them in their own paths to experiencing God.

To the One who is and who was and who is to come.